Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion

Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion
By Tom Netherland

Jerry Douglas grinned while standing in the midst of the mists of music history. He cradled his Dobro as if it were a swaddling babe. Within moments, its strings would cry in a twang as birthed by Josh Graves amid the groundbreaking swell of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys. Douglas knew that he was standing in the shadows of greatness.

“We’ll be trying not to freak out,” Douglas said moments before the Earls Of Leicester made its debut during last September’s Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion in downtown Bristol. “It’ll be like going to school. The teachers are watching.” An eyelash blink later, Douglas and The Earls huddled close and struck a mighty chord of Lester and Earl to the tunes of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” “Who’ll Sing For Me,” “Long Black Train,” and so forth. Why, Douglas even grinned a little during serious gospel tunes—couldn’t help it. He had company aplenty from a whoopin’-wailing crowd of fans eager to hear The Earls.

“People bought tickets to Rhythm & Roots just to see the Earls Of Leicester,” said Kim Davis, director of marketing for the Birthplace of Country Music, of which Rhythm & Roots is a part. “We were excited to have them here. The place was buzzing.”

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Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion
By Tom Netherland 

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