Laurie_fiddle_2013LAURIE LEWIS
Layers Lyrics Of
Songwriting Sophistication
By Bill Conger

Laurie Lewis is one of those people who can do it all musically. The two-time IBMA Female Vocalist Of The Year is a gifted singer, fiddler, guitarist, bandleader, and teacher. She’s also a talented wordsmith, who has quilted together layers of lyrics with a “Magic Light.” Through “Blue Days” and “Sleepless Nights,” her words have been like an “Old Friend.” “The Light” of inspiration touches Lewis as her “Restless Rambling Heart” is able to “Visualize” the “Wind At Play” and “Green Fields.”

Diehard fans of the bluegrass trailblazer will surely recognize those aforementioned songs from her treasure chest of gems that she has mined for nearly four decades. For many years, she crafted some of her best writing while camping out at a friend’s house along the coast of Mendocino County, California. Today her fountain of inspiration springs forth from a variety of sources.

“Misery is always a good one,” Lewis said with a laugh during a phone interview from her Berkeley, California home. “If you get unhappy, you’re more likely to write than if you’re happy. When you’re unhappy, you want to figure out a way to express yourself, and when you’re happy, you’re just having too much fun doing what you’re doing. Another thing is the natural world. I find it to be inspirational in many ways. I like to have sort of space and quiet when I write, and that often happens outdoors.” Read entire article »

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Laurie Lewis — Layers Lyrics Of Songwriting Sophistication
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