Larry Stephenson Band

By Bill Conger

Approaching forty years in the business, bluegrass veteran Larry Stephenson has witnessed a lot of the history, as well as made history. His impeccable tenor and lead vocals accompanied by his mastery of the mandolin have garnered him accolades and awards from peers and fans. A self-described modern-day gypsy, Stephenson is a rarity in a profession where many of the musicians hate traveling on the road but love the stage as the destination.

“Sometimes I sleep better on my bus than at home,” Stephenson says. “It’s never really bothered me. I run a bus, so I try to make it as comfortable as possible for everybody. It’s like anything else. It gets a little hectic at times, especially if you’re having some problems with the bus. There’s not a whole lot that I haven’t seen and experienced, but you deal with it and move on. Maybe that comes with age and having a six-year-old, you just kind of deal with things and don’t let it get to you as much as it used to.”

Stephenson has traveled from coast to coast and border to border during his nearly four decades touring, but he would be hard pressed to name a favorite stop along the way. “I kind of like them all, if that makes sense,” he says. “Every venue is different, but they’re all different in a good way, whether it’s a small or large festival. Going places we’ve never been before is always exciting. People may have never seen you or heard you. A lot of them are hearing you on SiriusXM radio these days, but they’ve never seen you. That’s always fun. Sometimes the smaller venues can be as much fun or more fun than a large festival. You have kind of a captive audience. They’re there to see you. You can have a lot of interaction with the audience.” Read entire article »

Larry Stephenson Band
By Bill Conger

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