Luthier Chris Capozzoli, Finding Home And Inspiration In The Land Of Doc Watson

Luthier Chris Capozzoli
Finding Home And Inspiration In The Land Of Doc Watson
By Derek Halsey

Chris-C-2Guitar maker and woodworker Chris Capozzoli grew up in the urban sprawl of Charlotte, N.C. He grew up with a love of trains, but there was one locomotive in particular in his neighborhood that captured his attention. Not one to get into any serious trouble as a kid, he would nevertheless occasionally sneak out of the house to hang with his friends late into the night. Then, right on time like a preset stopwatch, the sound of the 4:30 a.m. train would be his signal to walk home and get back into his bedroom before his parents woke.

Many years later, Capozzoli would find himself living in the beautiful High Country Mountains in and around the small college town of Boone, N.C. Amazingly, you cannot hear the sound of trains in that part of western North Carolina. The legendary Tweetsie Railroad that brought travelers and goods to the area and took out the timber, iron ore, and gems found in the region was wiped out by a flood in 1940. Built just after the end of the Civil War and lasting until about 1950, people began to convert to cars and trucks for their transportation needs after the flood, and the Tweetsie Railroad slowly faded into disarray.

IBMA Hall of Famer Doc Watson and his family grew up in Deep Gap, N.C., right next door to Boone, and no doubt rode that train or at least heard its whistle off in the distance. There are overgrown sections of old Tweetsie Railroad tracks still located in the mountains and the legend of the rail system continues. Read entire article »

Luthier Chris Capozzoli
Finding Home And Inspiration In The Land Of Doc Watson
By Derek Halsey

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