The Bluegrass World Celebrates Fifty Years Of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

PAGE-4-CROPPED-COVERThe Bluegrass World Celebrates Fifty Years Of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
By Derek Halsey 

For the last few months, I have had the privilege of collecting quotes and tributes from the bluegrass world about the impact of a half-century of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine on the music scene. What’s been very cool about the endeavor is the vast majority of quotes have been personal in nature. It hasn’t been a matter of collecting PR-written blurbs that are generalized and congratulatory in nature. Instead, the responses have been free-flowing and unique, with themes that range from reading the publication’s festival ads and dreaming of being on one of those stages one day to coming across a treasure trove of old copies of BU found in an attic and diving into history. Read entire article »

From The Editor
By Pete Kuykendall

Bluegrass Unlimited And The Wynwood Connection
By Richard D. Smith

Bluegrass Unlimited July 1966 — Vol. 1 No. 1 A Review
By Bill Foster

The Bluegrass World Celebrates
Fifty Years Of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
By Derek Halsey

Bluegrass Unlimited National Bluegrass Survey
#1 Songs From The Past 26 Years (1990-2016)
By Lee Demsey

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Bluegrass Survey

Top Album for July

Mountain Home 1643

Top Song for July

IT COULD HAVE BEEN THE MANDOLIN DONNA ULISSE (Donna Ulisse, Jerry Salley) HARD CRY MOON, Hadley Music Group 1016

July 2016 Reviews


TIM MAY & ROBERT BOWLIN FLATPICK SWING FGM Records 5887 Swing music in the style of Django Reinhardt has influenced every bluegrass flatpicking guitarist from Doc Watson and Clarence White to Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, David Grier, and modern wizards Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge. Minor swing and many more Jazz era tunes today can […]

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SIERRA HULL WEIGHTED MIND Rounder Records 1661-91662 Sierra Hull enters a brave new world with her first recording project in five years. She was frustrated with the variety of opinions pulling her in different directions, and her inner voice was longing for a different sound. Accepting the advice of her banjo wizard producer Bela Fleck, […]

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TOWN MOUNTAIN SOUTHERN CRESCENT  LoHi Records 001    More than any other form of music, bluegrass is shaped and bred on place. Imagine Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, and Bryan Sutton without North Carolina; Monroe and Bush without Kentucky; the Kentucky Colonels without Southern California; Hot Rize without Colorado. You can’t. Asheville, N.C., has bred its own […]

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CAROLINA BLUE GOIN’ HOME TODAY No Label No Number Carolina Blue, perhaps the only bluegrass band to share a name with a hip-hop group, offers a very good album, Goin’ Home Today, marking their tenth year together. Falling on the traditional end of the contemporary bluegrass spectrum, the band demonstrates the talent, skills, and commitment […]

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JOSH WILLIAMS MODERN DAY MAN Rounder Records 11661-9111-2 At the time of Josh Williams’ last recording, he’d hit bottom in his personal life. His struggles are known and bear no need for cataloging here. Suffice it to say, six years on the road of recovery and six years of hard work have resulted in this, […]

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THE BOXCARS FAMILIAR WITH THE GROUND Mountain Home MH16422 Even with John Bowman’s departure in 2014, The Boxcars keep impressively rolling on. Their latest recording is every bit as rewarding for the listener and as deeply rooted in the band’s signature sound as any of their previous releases. Light when called for, dark when necessary. […]

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DAVID BRAGGER BIG FANCY Tiki Parlour Recordings No Number    David Bragger, his band Sausage Grinder, and the online Old-Time Tiki Parlour have become fixtures in the old-time and traditional music scene in Southern California. Now, David has released a solo project of his own, a CD with 21 diverse and excellent selections played on fiddle, […]

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BUDDY MELTON & MILAN MILLER SECRETS, DREAMS & PRETTY THINGS Melton & Miller Music MM2016001 When an 11-year-old who has made no secret of the fact that bluegrass music is his thing says, “That ‘Adeline’ song is awesome, maybe the best bluegrass song I’ve heard,” that’s a pretty strong endorsement. “Adeline” is the first cut […]

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THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS LADIES & GENTLEMEN Compass Records 746652 Like the acrobatic artwork of the band’s CD cover, the Infamous Stringdusters continue to teeter on the highwire between various genres with grace and smoothness. On this sixth studio project, the innovative musicians took a different direction. Instead of the familiar sound of Travis Book, Jeremy […]

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