The Grascals

Grascals-leadThe Grascals
By Daniel Mullins 

Bluegrass is a musical genre that is both rooted in tradition and filled with innovation. This anomaly has been evident going back to Bill Monroe, who wanted to create music that was steeped in the “ancient tones” that he absorbed as a boy in the hills of Kentucky, but also yearned to invent a sound that was completely new and original. The dichotomy of learning from the past and looking to the future is one key to the success of bluegrass music around the globe. This unique quality of our music not only allows bluegrass to grow, but gives bluegrass a unique distinction of being able to bridge the generational divide through music.

Few bands have exemplified this balance of past and present, tradition and innovation, fresh and seasoned, over the past few years like The Grascals. For the majority of the twenty-first century, The Grascals have developed a reputation of presenting high-energy bluegrass music filled with emotional depth and universal appeal. They have always managed to keep an ear to the past and an eye on the future, but their ability to be a bridge between baby boomers and millennials has been much more literal over the past few years. Read entire article »

The Grascals
By Daniel Mullins

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