The Remarkable Return Of The Cox Family

Gone But Never Forgotten

COX-FAMILY-LEADThe Remarkable Return Of The Cox Family
By Daniel Mullins

“Come to the caution light. Drive east on 160. Go over the railroad tracks out by the high school. When you see the cemetery on the left, start looking for a little road at the bottom of a long hill and a curve there. That’ll be Cox Road on your right. Take it and drive a third of a mile, and you’ll see an old house on the left. There’s some old oak trees hanging out over the road. The mailbox reads: Route 1, Box 411 E. Just pull up in the front yard, and I’ll be standing on the front porch waiting for ya.”

Those were the directions Sidney Cox had given from the stage of Savarino’s Cucina last night, before the Cox Family’s second Nashville performance of the week. As Suzanne, Sidney, and Evelyn Cox took the stage (joined by Sidney’s daughter Anna), over their shoulder stood a picture of their childhood home. The house is appropriately featured on the front of their new record, Gone Like The Cotton, and an oversized copy of the album cover rested on a stand, off to the side. Their father, Willard Cox, was born in that house, the eighth of nine children. He and his wife, Marie, raised all four of their children in that same house: Evelyn, Lynn, Sidney, and Suzanne. It was in that house where the Cox Family honed their musical craft. “We started singing in the living room, around the house, on the porch,” says Sidney Cox. It is the love for God, family, and music found in that house that has underlined and inspired everything the Cox Family has done or will do. Read entire article »

Gone But Never Forgotten —The Remarkable Return Of The Cox Family
By Daniel Mullins

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