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   This is a wonderful and remarkable story told in song that depicts the events leading up to the birth of Christ. Based on Biblical accounts and totally written or co-written by Ulisse, she tells this story through the many voices of Joseph the father, of Mary the mother, of Elizabeth the cousin, of the Innkeeper, and of the Wise Men. While each selection can stand on its own, the project is meant to be heard all the way through, so each step of the journey can be enjoyed and appreciated. Participants on the project include Keith Sewell (producer, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, percussion), Viktor Krauss (bass), Andy Leftwich (fiddle, mandolin), Rob Ickes (resonator guitar), Bryon House (bass), John Mock (concertina), Wendy Buckner Sewell (vocals), Rick Stanley (vocals).

The story unfolds with “I See The Light Of The World,” then an angel appears before Mary to tell her “You Will Be Delivered.” The tale continues with “Elizabeth,” Mary’s cousin and mother of John the Baptist, as she comforts Mary. “He’s Not Mine” tells of Joseph’s dilemma with raising a son not of his own. “All The Way To Bethlehem” tells of their journey and when they are faced with the Innkeeper in “You Cannot Stay Here.” After the baby is born, Mary keeps him to “Let The World Wait For A Little While” as the angel Gabriel tells the shepherds of the birth. “I’m Gonna Shine” is when the Wise Men are guided by the star where “We’ve Come To Worship Him.” The story ends in joy with “Morning In Bethlehem.”

Listening to the words of these songs provides a wonderful insight into the journey and conditions during which Christ was born. A masterpiece! (Hadley Music Group, 11 Music Circle S., Nashville, TN 37203,

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