Community Music

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer are known for their unique take on many genres of music, from country to bluegrass to folk to old-time. On this project, they’re joined by multi-instrumentalist Sam Gleaves to round out the trio and produce a fine collection of songs from a variety of sources, including Tom Paxton, Elizabeth Cotton, Alice Gerrard, Maybelle Carter, and Rose Maddox. They also include a few originals.

Fink plays guitar, banjo, and resonator guitar, while Marxer offers mandolin, resonator guitar, cello banjo, pennywhistle, and harmonica. Gleaves adds banjo, guitar, and fiddle. Mark Schatz joins in on bass. All three contribute both lead and harmony vocals which blend quite well. Selections include “Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie,” “If The Poor Don’t Matter,” “Sweet South Anna River,” “Buddies In The Saddle,” and “I’m Happy Every Day I Live.” Fink composed the title “Shout And Shine,” and she and Marxer co-wrote/arranged “If I Were A Blackbird,” “Granny Shoes”/“Stockings,” and the a cappella  “Brother, You Ought To Been There.” Gleaves contributes “Hot Pink House Trailer,” “Moonshine,” and “Welcome Table.” This is a nice project with good singing, good harmony, and good picking. (

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