New Releases – July 2016

BANJO: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY—BY BOB CARLIN—Backbeat Books 9781495011245 (book)

BRANDED BLUEGRASS—MOST WELCOME—No Label, No Number (compact disc)

VINCENT CROSS—OLD SONGS FOR MODERN FOLK—Rescue Dog Records RDR001 (compact disc)


GRASSSTREET—TIME MOVES ON—Reminiscence Records REM-020160 (compact disc)

DICK KIMMEL—CORBETT ON THE COUCH—Dick Kimmel Music CD 2016-01 (compact disc)

RODGER KING & CASEY PENN—KING PENN—No Label, No Number (compact disc)

LONELY HEARTSTRING BAND—DEEP  WATERS—Rounder Records 11661-39695-02 (compact disc)

MARTEKA AND WILLIAM—KEEPIN’ IT REAL—No Label, No Number (compact disc)

MILL RUN BLUEGRASS BAND—BY REQUEST—New Ride Records, No Number (compact disc)

MOUNTAIN HEART—BLUE SKIES—Compass Records 7 4662 2 (compact disc)

ARNIE NAIMAN—MY LUCKY STARS—Merriweather Records M01AN (compact disc)

NEFESH MOUNTAIN—No Label, No Number (compact disc)


ILYA TOSHINSKIY—RED GRASS—Hadley Music Group HMG1017 (compact disc)

MICKEY TYSON—THE MUSIC IN ME—No Label, MT001 (compact disc)

FRANK WAKEFIELD & LEON MORRIS—Patuxent Music CD-283 (compact disc)

Additional Releases

DENISE GLOVER—PATHWAYS—No Label, No Number. Denise Glover (guitar and mandolin) is a singer/songwriter from the Seattle, Wash., area. This new project features an all-original collection. She is joined here by Gary Black (bass), Bob Knetzger (resonator guitar, pedal steel), Julian Smedley (fiddle), Jeff Busch (percussion), David Lange (accordion), J.P. Wittman (fiddle), Ben Smith (drums), and Allan Walton (banjo). Harmony vocals are provided by Saveria Avantaggio and Dawn Glover. This is more of an Americana/folk music project and the songs tend to have a personal nature to them. Glover has a pleasant voice that suits her songs, which include “High Plains Drifter,” “Suspended,” a Reggae-style “Deep History,” “Your Face,” and “Heading Home.” A somewhat grassy tune is “If I’d Been Born In Another Place,” and there is a nice tribute “A Song For Firefighters.” This is a very nice outing for this artist. (

THE BATTLEAXE BAND—…BECAUSE WE ARE—Dark Chocolate Music DCM 101. From upstate South Carolina comes the Battleaxe Band, four ladies who play old-time music. The group is Amy Buckingham (fiddle, guitar), Lucy Allen (guitar), Brooke Lauer (clawhammer banjo), and Nancy Hamilton (bass). The song selections include the familiar “The Cuckoo,” “I’ve Endured,” “Angelina Baker,” along with lesser-known tunes such as “One Voice,” “Grub Springs,” “North Carolina Breakdown,” “Valley Forge,” and “I’m Your Dog Blues.” The ladies stick pretty much to the old-time format of unison playing between the fiddle and banjo, and their presentation of songs is quite good. This project is sure to be one for the audiences of old-time music. (

VARIOUS ARTISTS— BLUEGRASS COUNTRY: THE SONGS OF KEITH DAVIS—No Label, No Number. This is an interesting project by Keith Davis. He’s the songwriter, but he doesn’t sing or play any instruments. Instruments and vocals are performed by Terry Walton. Joining Walton is Charles Wood who plays banjo on many cuts. Other lead vocalists are Tom Fish and Angela Heatherly. These are good songs with a mix of mostly bluegrass along with some country and rock tunes. Drums are used on many of the mixes which works for the country and rock tunes, but not necessarily on the grassier selections. Walton has a nice voice which fits the style of Davis’ compositions. Davis says he started writing when he turned 80 and retired to North Carolina from Iowa farming. Well, there may be hope for many younger writers yet. (Keith Davis, 110 Malvern Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739.)