Del McCoury

Del-LeadDel McCoury
The Bluegrass Legend’s
North Carolina Mountain Roots And Life At 80

With his hair neatly cut and silver in color, Del McCoury has always had the appearance of a bluegrass elder statesman. Still, it’s hard to believe that the IBMA Hall of Famer is about to turn 80 years old in February, born in 1939 in York County, Pa. McCoury, however, is still a vibrant performer who tours nationwide every year. He just released his latest studio album, Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass, a rollicking set of excellent music featuring his long-time band including sons Ronnie and Rob McCoury, Alan Bartram, and Jason Carter.
“I started school when I was five years old,” McCoury shares. “I had three brothers and sisters that were already going to school, so I thought, ‘I’ve got to go to school, too. This must be fun.’ We had to walk a long way to school, so the teacher gave me books. Now, I didn’t know if he realized I would pass into the second grade or not, but there wasn’t much in the way of kindergarten back in those days. So, I went to school at five and he gave me books with the first graders and I would do my assignments. And, I just kept right on going even though I wasn’t old enough to be in school. I didn’t flunk a class. I liked school for the first seven years, and I was 17 when I graduated.”
I first interviewed McCoury in 2004, which was at the end of an amazing run of the Del McCoury Band winning the IBMA Entertainer Of The Year Award for a record nine times. The interview back then centered on his views of music, his open-minded approach to picking songs to record and about the wide array of diverse musicians he has collaborated with over the years. Read entire article »

Del McCoury
The Bluegrass Legend’s North Carolina Mountain Roots And Life At 80
By Derek Halsey

Louisa Branscomb
Freight Train For A Song
By Sandy Hatley

County Sales – A Journey
By Gary Reid

The Ubiquitous Shawn Camp
By Penny Parsons

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